React Or Respond

LESSON OUTCOMES Helps participants to practise living with fewer harmful or regretful thoughts and actions, and understand that self-control is a skill that requires time and practise. Taking this perspective often includes setting clear, fair personal boundaries and employing calming techniques when faced with stress or upset. Select a topic to begin.


LESSON OUTCOMES Learners will develop their self-confidence in the face of adversity and strengthen their ability to notice the good no-matter the circumstance. They will understand that their past does not predict their future and will see themselves evolving into beings who openly accept themselves & others. Select a topic to begin.

Shoulds & Oughts

LESSON OUTCOMES Participants will improve their ability to embrace differences in themselves and others, practice finding satisfaction from unexpected outcomes, and let go of judgment. They will be able to recognise social media’s distorted realities and avoid its potentially harmful influence. Select a topic to begin.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

LESSON OUTCOMES Learners will cultivate a healthy balance between focus and breaks, and further develop their sense of compassion towards themselves and others. They will be better equipped to overcome challenges and rely less on addictive substances for coping with stress or discomfort. Select a topic to begin.

Emotional Regulation

LEARNING OUTCOMES Participants will be more comfortable in new situations, improving their ability to shift their focus to the present and connect more with their own physical signals. This will aid them in making choices that align better with their personal wellbeing. Select a topic to begin.

Using What You Have

LEARNING OUTCOMES Learners will come to appreciate the inner value in differences and acknowledge their unique strengths. They will become more confident to grow their creativity to generate innovative solutions and identify areas where their expertise shine. Select a topic to begin.

Failing Forward

LEARNING OUTCOMES Learners will better identify growth opportunities that arise from mistakes and understand the value of sitting with difficult emotions. They will come to appreciate life’s inevitable challenges, building a resilient mindset in the face of adversity. Select a topic to begin.


LEARNING OUTCOMES Participants will be more proficient at noticing their self-talk and choosing the type and tone of their internal voice to enable better problem-solving and decision-making. They will understand the interconnectedness of their self-talk and their world view, thus facilitating a healthier perspective on life. Select a topic to begin.