Facilitator Instructions

Part 1

  • Read aloud the top question to the learner and ask which answers on the right they agree with the most and why. Try and do this before clicking on them.
  • Encourage up to 10 minutes of conversation in this section (asking for examples and personal experiences etc); NB: you can click on all the options for the learner’s view (as all are correct).

Part 2

  • Read aloud the Case Study to the learner and look at the 3 incorrect responses below. Before revealing the incorrect reason, ask the learner why they think it is not preferred.
  • Before revealing the suggested (4th) answer, ask the learner if they have any thoughts on an answer themselves. NB: you may need to discuss it further if the learner is unsure of the guided answer that is given.    

Part 3

  • Each topic has five sections. After the 5th section is completed, navigate to that topic’s quiz tab for the learner to complete the 4 questions that reinforce learning, which must be done before moving on. For the Employability Course alone, a pass certificate can be printed out if 80% or over is reached by the end of the course.

Part 4

  • In the Course options, a learner can choose to attempt the full 40 question Employability Assessment as a standalone, to assess their level prior to completing the course; 80% or more must be achieved for a pass.
  • NB: Completing this full assessment, may be a good way to find out the leaner’s initial level before doing the Employability course.